Visual Aids Used

An illuminated stand magnifier of 3x magnification was also prescribed. The light helped him a great deal in his reading.

Bold-lined paper and markers help a visually impaired child see what they're writing. This was one of his earliest accommodations in the classroom.

Stand magnifiers were recommended when he was seven years old. A 2x magnifier provided just enough magnification to read standard print.

Telescopes can be very helpful for viewing distance, such as reading the blackboard or going to the zoo. He was assigned O&M training and he also used the telescope for navigating outside. He wound up using the telescope quite a bit.

When the prognosis for a child's vision is uncertain, it is often recommended that he or she learn Braille. In his case, he did become proficient at typing Braille but not reading it because of poor touch sensitivity.

A CCTV (closed-circuit television) offers greater magnification possibilities for print materials. A CCTV that magnified print up to 72 points was still useful to him at the age of 11.